SPHDatasetInterpolator multi-threaded?

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SPHDatasetInterpolator multi-threaded?

Favre  Jean

I have been testing the different versions of SPH*Interpolators in ParaView, with a TBB execution model.

While the SPH{Line,Plane,Volume}Interpolators demonstrate nice multi-threading behavior, I am finding out that the newest edition, the generic SPHDatasetInterpolator which enables the use of any vtkDataset as sources, does not always use multi-threading.

I have built a stand-alone test case which demonstrates that if a vtkImageData is giving as Source, then the execution switches back to a single thread, and takes much longer.
Further, I demonstrated that if the same vtkImageData is passed to an "Extract Surface", and if the PolyData generated is used as the interpolator's source, then the multi-threading is restored. It seems strange since the source code of vtkSPHInterpolator.cxx shows that a different branch is coded for vtkImageData saying that it ought to be sligthly faster. I am finding out however, that the execution seems to drop the multi-threaded support.

Has anyone seen this behavior? I am using v5.4. I have a python script demonstrator which does not require any external dataset, so it is easy to test.


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