ParaView 5.4.1-RC4 available for download

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ParaView 5.4.1-RC4 available for download

Cory Quammen-2
On behalf of the ParaView development team, I am pleased to announce
that ParaView 5.4.1-RC4 is available for download. Binaries and source
code are available from

The 5.4.1-RC4 bug fix release candidate sports a couple of
improvements since 5.4.1-RC3:

 * Added lower limit to how small the GUI font size can be.

 * Addressed issue affecting layouts when loading a state file from
the Python console.

Please report any problems you find with this release candidate on the
mailing list or on the bug tracker at

Note: RC4 is expected to be the last release candidate in the 5.4.1
release cycle.


Cory Quammen
Staff R&D Engineer
Kitware, Inc.
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