Dynamic Updating of Time Steps and Range in Paraview simulation.

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Dynamic Updating of Time Steps and Range in Paraview simulation.

sumeet kumar
Hello all,

I want to visualize in preview simultaneously running the analysis. I have met all the requirements and coded successfully to implement this feature.  The only this that I am stuck is to update the time steps and range dynamically.

Currently, at the top of the Request Data method, I added the following code thinking that  it will update the paraview gui

    vtkInformation *Node_Mesh_Info = outputVector->GetInformationObject(0);

    double Time_range[2]={Time[0],Time[Number_of_Time_Steps-1]};

    cout << "Number of Time Steps " << Number_of_Time_Steps << endl;
    cout << "Time Tange " << Time_range[1] << endl;

    Node_Mesh_Info->Set(vtkStreamingDemandDrivenPipeline::TIME_STEPS(),Time, this->Number_of_Time_Steps);

But, it does not update. Id there any way, I can dynamically update the paraview animation time steps and range.

Best Regards
Sumeet Kumar Sinha
Graduate Student
Phone: (+1)<a href="tel:%28%2B91%29%209910516219" value="+919910516219" style="font-size:12.8px;font-family:&quot;trebuchet ms&quot;,sans-serif;color:rgb(17,85,204)" target="_blank"> 5306018271

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