Creation of a ParaView Python table reader plugin

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Creation of a ParaView Python table reader plugin


Hi all,


I am trying to create a ParaView reader for fort.11 data, a text format used in-house, I’ve attached a sample. The goal is to display those data first as a spreadsheetview and then to pick some of the variables to be plotted and modified with the calculator.


I have tried different way to create a reader and I believe the best one is to use Python as described in this thread:

So far I have successfully written a vtk script to load my data in a vtkTable and plot some of the variable. The script can be called from the python shell and open a new vtk window showing an test plot.


In order to make the reader script into a plugin I have reused the RingleReader example from the mailing-list and adapted it a little for my needs. When I open a fort.11 file and apply nothing seems to be really happening and no error displayed if I leave “output=self.GetUnstructuredGridOutput()” (which is wrong) but if I only call “self.GetOutput()” an indentation error and missing request data error is thrown.


To identify the issue I tried to make another simple csv reader based on and still the ringle reader and the result is the same, no data loaded and no error. If I change the output I find the same indentation and missing request data error.


When using the vtk reader script in the python shell I am able to access my vtkTable with all the data loaded into it but I don’t know how to put this data into a spreadsheetview wich is kind of infuriating.


Does anyone have successfully made a ParaView Python Reader Plugin with a vtkTable output? I must be missing something when I output my data to ParaView since I don’t really understand how the data are sent to views for vtkTable. I am using ParaView 5.0.1.


Any suggestions gratefully accepted,


Hadrien Foucault Intern at Areva NP


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