About the implementation of filter monitoring and selection extraction

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About the implementation of filter monitoring and selection extraction

Hi, I have some questions of the filter structure in ParaView.

I'm developing a client based on ParaView, and I want to wrap my app so that the filters are not directly exposed. Instead, I want to expose certain filters as customize objects. So there is a question, what should I do to monitor the changes of filters?

In addition, I wonder how ExtractSelection filter is connected with selecition node in pqRenderView because I'm going to implement customized selection tool in my app. I found that there is a property call "SelectionInput" in ParaView xml configuration, but I didn't found it elsewhere in the code that seems to use the property and connect selection to the filter.
Can anyone help me with how the manager s listen to the change of filters and connect selection to extractor?

Jacob Zhong

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